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Free 'Em All Radio with Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. and the Lady of Rage 2021-02-24, 2021-02-24



This episode focuses on the importance of political education and the understanding of revolutionary and People’s history in organizing efforts in the Black community. Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. and the Lady of Rage discuss the educational foundation of the Black Panther Party Cubs and the Prisoners of Conscience Committee (POCC), the Rainbow Coalition, and the fallacy of Black on Black Crime. The hosts speak to Brother Fleetwood, author of Hip Hop Tried 2 Kill Me, as well as the family members of Spurgeon Jake Winters, a member of the Illinois chapter of the Black Panther Party who was killed in a shootout with the Chicago Police Department at the age of 19. The episode closes with President Murahu of the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA). There are technical difficulties throughout this episode, and at times the audio recording fades in and out.


  • 2021-02-24


Biographical / Historical

Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. is the son of Fred Hampton and Akua Njeri (formerly known as Deborah Johnson). Chairman Fred has been organizing for the liberation of the People for decades as the leader of the Black Panther Cubs and one of the main driving forces behind defending Fred Hampton’s childhood home, the Hampton House.

Biographical / Historical

Robin Yvette Allen, known by her stage name Lady of Rage, is a rapper and actress whose career spans decades. She has been co-hosting Free ‘Em All Radio since 2016.


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00:00:04 -- Intro music

00:04:44 -- New intro music

00:09:54 -- New intro music

00:11:37 -- New intro music

00:16:14 -- New intro music

00:20:06 -- New intro music

00:22:42 -- First speech excerpt from Chairman Fred Hampton Sr.

00:23:53 -- Second speech excerpt from Chairman Fred Hampton Sr.

00:25:25 -- Third speech excerpt from Chairman Fred Hampton Sr.

00:25:54 -- Fourth speech excerpt from Chairman Fred Hampton Sr.

00:26:31 -- Fifth speech excerpt from Chairman Fred Hampton Sr.

00:26:56 -- Sixth speech excerpt from Chairman Fred Hampton Sr.

00:28:14 -- Music

00:28:29 -- New music

00:33:34 -- New music

00:36:52 -- New music

00:37:27 -- New music

00:42:25 -- Host introductions

00:43:40 -- Mike Africa

00:44:05 -- Informant connected to the assassination of Malcolm X, new details

00:46:49 -- Judas and the Black Messiah; Golden Globes

00:49:05 -- Bridging generational gaps with technology

00:50:14 -- Romanticizing revolution

00:52:33 -- First caller, Brother Fleetwood; re-entry program; Cotton Pickers organization; author of Hip Hop Tried 2 Kill Me

00:55:23 -- Psychological impact from incarceration and torture

00:57:50 -- Difference between revolutionary organizations and bourgeois organizations

01:00:28 -- Story of murder in Michigan; complicity of bystanders

01:03:10 -- Importance of solidarity between the People

01:03:35 -- Individualism and loss of community amongst Black people

01:07:08 -- Dr. Huey P. Newton Foundation in Oakland, CA

01:08:32 -- Birthday well wishes

01:10:24 -- Contact information for Brother Fleetwood

01:13:10 -- Chelsea B and grandmother, grand-niece and sister of Black Panther Party member Spurgeon Jake Winters

01:18:57 -- Commemorating significant dates in the history of the People

01:21:35 -- Organizing in prison from Chairman’s experience; Mumia Abu-Jamal

01:24:37 -- Keeping the legacy of Spurgeon Jake Winters’ alive; commitment to serving the People

01:31:01 -- Reflections on lacking power and being made to subordinate

01:35:00 -- The only place for a just man is prison

01:35:40 -- Honorary Medal of Freedom Fighting to Chelsea B and her grandmother

01:36:57 -- Second caller, Brother Hal from New Orleans; Mark Essex

01:38:41 -- Black Panther Party Alumni

01:40:23 -- Design projects shootout; vital importance of political education

01:44:05 -- New Orleans

01:45:26 -- Political education and joining the BPPC

01:48:35 -- Rainbow Coalition; Vice Lords, the BPP, and the CPD

01:50:17 -- Monique referencing Fred Hampton; white entitlement and imposter syndrome amongst Black people

01:53:55 -- Colonialism and chattel slavery

01:54:44 -- Illegitimate organizations using Fred Hampton’s name and the name of the BPP

01:59:02 -- The structure of the state using reactionaries when it is beneficial

02:00:35 -- Agent admitting his role in the assassination of Malcolm X

02:01:15 -- Plans for follow up next week

02:04:15 -- Third caller, President Murahu (?); showing Black love to Black people

02:07:31 -- Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) event, legacy of Marcus Garvey

02:09:27 -- Save the Hampton House Campaign reopening

02:13:00 -- History of UNIA membership

02:14:20 -- Marcus Garvey on race

02:15:39 -- Black Cross Nursing and speaking on your politics through the work

02:17:19 -- Conversation between President and Pam Africa

02:19:03 -- Strength in unity and perseverance

02:20:35 -- Pitting of Black people against each other by white people when criticizing protest tactics

02:22:10 -- Fallacy of Black on Black crime

02:23:22 -- Contact information for Chelsea B and closing comments

02:26:14 -- Outro music; Sam Cooke - A Change Is Gonna Come

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