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Free 'Em All Radio with Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. and the Lady of Rage 2021-01-06, 2021-01-06



This episode covers the police shootings of Tamir Rice and Jacob Blake, and contains criticism of the U.S. government’s response, or lack thereof, to violent white supremacists, especially in contrast to the reaction to demonstrations led by Black communities. The episode also covers the shortcomings of electoral strategies, and the connections between the legacy of slavery in the U.S. to the modern way the state runs prisons, their police forces, and imperialist endeavors overseas. Four guest callers speak, and their comments range from an assessment of prison conditions during Covid-19 from someone who is incarcerated, to criticisms of peaceful protests, to casting doubt on the seriousness of Covid-19.


  • 2021-01-06


Biographical / Historical

Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. is the son of Fred Hampton and Akua Njeri (formerly known as Deborah Johnson). Chairman Fred has been organizing for the liberation of the People for decades as the leader of the Black Panther Cubs and one of the main driving forces behind defending Fred Hampton’s childhood home, the Hampton House.

Biographical / Historical

Robin Yvette Allen, known by her stage name Lady of Rage, is a rapper and actress whose career spans decades. She has been co-hosting Free ‘Em All Radio since 2016.


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Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. and The Lady of Rage

Date of episode: January 6, 2021

Interviewee: Equani, unnamed second caller, Erica, Tionia

Project: Free ‘Em All Radio Collection

00:00:04 -- Intro music

00:04:56 -- New intro music

00:10:10 -- Host self-introductions and opening of call-in line

00:11:22 -- Tamir Rice and Jacob Blake case overviews and analysis of state repression of popular action

00:13:09 -- Criticism of electoral strategy and national politicians

00:15:20 -- Analysis of U.S. imperial structures and strategies

00:18:00 -- Modern day struggles against contemporary iterations of oppression rooted in slavery, like the Democrats and Republican parties

00:20:00 -- Clubhouse social media platform

00:22:04 -- Utilizing new technologies for political activation and communication

00:24:09 -- Effects of the U.S. embargo of Cuba on Cuban trade capacities

00:25:18 -- More Clubhouse details

00:27:00 -- Effects of proletarian media access on bourgeois political power and vice versa

00:31:20 -- More details and analysis of Tamir Rice’s and Jacob Blake’s cases

00:36:00 -- Disproportionate rates of incarceration for Black people in comparison to white people

00:38:52 -- Proud Boys rally and absence of white response to extremist groups

00:40:20 -- Police response to white supremacist rally in comparison to actions from the Black community and political organizations like the Black Panther Party

00:41:59 -- People’s Party event

00:43:53 -- Music (by Ghetto Boys)

00:49:33 -- First caller from South Carolina (maybe Equani)

00:50:32 -- Seeking liberation as Afrikan prisoners of war in the U.S.

00:51:10 -- Criticism of peaceful protests

00:52:32 -- Ancestral veneration

00:54:33 -- Kyle Rittenhouse and disparity by race in treatment by the state and white society

00:56:00 -- Jethro Devane suing the Columbia Police Department; Joshua Ruffin police murder

01:01:09 -- Climate of political conversations; dog whistles and non-verbal cues

01:04:03 -- Cook county judge story from Chairman

01:05:01 -- Decision to not charge the cop who killed Jacob Blake; impacts on Black children who witness the shooting and murder of their parents

01:08:03 -- Social media suppression of political content

01:09:50 -- Dual consciousness created by U.S. imperialism in colonized people; dynamics of neocolonialism

01:12:48 -- Analysis on how Fred Hampton Sr. heightened contradictions; heightening contradictions contemporarily

01:15:25 -- Atlanta story from Chairman

01:20:00 -- Resisting the protection of the cancer that is capitalism

01:23:09 -- Normalization of trauma at the hands of the state inflicted on Black people

01:25:30 -- Judas and the Black Messiah screening story from Chairman; anniversary of assassination of Chairman Fred Hampton Sr. and corresponding trauma

01:30:12 -- Second caller, from prison; advocating SB 2054 and 3233 in Illinois and writing lawmakers

01:35:40 -- Covid-19 related conditions in Illinois prisons and jails; two related fatalities

01:39:27 -- Third caller, Erica; Covid-19 in prisons

01:43:43 -- Fourth caller, Tionia; learning from the program and the People’s Ball; helping with the fundraiser

01:46:20 -- Shoutouts to fundraising links for the Hampton House and political prisoners

01:48:02 -- Outro music

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