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Free 'Em All Radio with Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. and the Lady of Rage 2020-02-12, 2020-02-12



This episode covers range of topics, including a recent incident in which a man named Robert Williams shot at a police precinct in New York City, the release of MOVE member Chuck Africa from prison, and the school to prison pipeline. Lady of Rage, Chairman Fred, and several callers discuss the effects of psychiatric medications on children and Black communities. They express concerns about how pharmaceutical trials exclude Black subjects, mistrust about the incentives that pharmaceutical companies offer to doctors, and skepticism about the medications’ effectiveness.


  • 2020-02-12


Biographical / Historical

Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. is the son of Fred Hampton and Akua Njeri (formerly known as Deborah Johnson). Chairman Fred has been organizing for the liberation of the People for decades as the leader of the Black Panther Cubs and one of the main driving forces behind defending Fred Hampton’s childhood home, the Hampton House.

Biographical / Historical

Robin Yvette Allen, known by her stage name Lady of Rage, is a rapper and actress whose career spans decades. She has been co-hosting Free ‘Em All Radio since 2016.


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00:00:00 -- Intro music “Neva (Remix)” by Scarface & Fred Hampton Jr

00:04:42 -- Music: “The Lyrikal Murda/Bonus Track” by 2Pac & Makaveli The Don aka 2Pac Feat. The Lady Of Rage

00:10:00 -- Episode introduction; Chairman mentions a snowstorm forecasted for Chicago; Discusses an incident in New York in which a man named Robert Williams shot up a police precinct in February 2020; Talks about the civil rights activist Robert F. Williams who founded the Deacons for Defense and Justice; Gives information about a funeral

00:020:35 -- Talks about understanding the Robert Williams case in context; Discusses differences between how the Chicago police and media handle cases in majority-white areas and majority-Black areas

00:23:51 -- Chairman discusses the recent release of Chuck Africa, the last imprisoned member of the MOVE Nine; Lady of Rage mentions Phil and Merle Africa, who died in prison; Chairman talks about psychological warfare committed by the police

00:29:00 -- Chairman Fred talks about the drug trade; Lady of Rage talks about the settlement that Forest Laboratories was forced to pay after offering kickbacks to doctors to prescribe antidepressants

00:34:08 -- Chairman talks about the impacts of overprescribed drugs on Black communities and children in foster care, the long-term impacts of side effects, and how companies market products to children

00:46:20 -- Chairman talks about protests and violence in Ferguson, Missouri after the murder of Michael Brown; Chairman recaps topics of the broadcast; mentions a podcast that will interview him and explains how to contribute to the Save the Hampton House campaign

00:51:50 -- Lady of Rage asks Chairman to talk about how February is one of the deadliest months in Chicago; Discussion of how violence in Black neighborhoods is connected to psychotropic drugs, foster care, structural problems

00:56:01 -- Chairman reads a viewer’s comment stating that Robert F. Williams was also the first President of the provisional government of the Republic of New Afrika

00:57:15 -- Commenter asks for Chairman’s take on the Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby sexual abuse cases; Chairman talks about the racial contradiction

01:00:00 -- Chairman asks for listeners with construction skills to reach out to help restore Hampton House; Lady of Rage asks Chairman to talk about the link between psychiatric drugs and vaccines; Chairman talks about the impact of smallpox on Indigenous communities; skepticism because of the government’s history of neglecting minorities

01:05:10 -- Chairman mentions puppies that a friend is selling; Reflects on a recent documentary on Malcolm X

01:10:14 -- Caller from Michigan joins and talks about the school to prison pipeline; Differences in how psychiatric drugs work in Black people; How her son was given an excessive prison sentence; Her experience with depression and antidepressants

01:18:48 -- Lady of Rage talks about her mental health and skepticism of antidepressants; her decision to take her daughter off medication for ADHD; Caller, Lady of Rage, and Chairman talk about how the medication was not created for people of color

01:32:00 -- Chairman Fred talks about forms of chemical and biological warfare against the community

01:34:00 -- Chairman Fred talks about his hunger strike at Big Muddy River Correctional Facility; How to push past the fear of questioning the white power structure; Lady of Rage talks about how teachers, doctors, and pharmaceutical companies are conspiring to profit; Lady of Rage talks about how music and pop culture change people’s beliefs

01:43:10 -- Chairman talks about the impact of the Olympics in Brazil on poor people living in the area; Promotes another podcast that will interview him; Wraps up the show

01:54:38 -- Music: “Words of Wisdom” by 2Pac

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