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Free 'Em All Radio with Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. and the Lady of Rage 2019-01-02, 2019-01-02



  • 2019-01-02


Biographical / Historical

Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. is the son of Fred Hampton and Akua Njeri (formerly known as Deborah Johnson). Chairman Fred has been organizing for the liberation of the People for decades as the leader of the Black Panther Cubs and one of the main driving forces behind defending Fred Hampton’s childhood home, the Hampton House.

Biographical / Historical

Robin Yvette Allen, known by her stage name Lady of Rage, is a rapper and actress whose career spans decades. She has been co-hosting Free ‘Em All Radio since 2016.


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0:00-4:43: Intro Music

4:44-9:27: News report from Houston, TX about the murder of seven-year-old Jazmine Barnes; basic facts of the case and interview with her mother

9:939-13:20: Rap

13:29-16:22: Rap

16:25: Introduction for hosts Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. and The Lady of the Rage

19:25: Discussion on problems/issues faced by the Black community; events that happened in 2018

22:15: Discussion on an appeal for a Longhill political prisoner; fighting for the release of political prisoners

25:15: Discussion on H.Rap Brown and the “Rap Brown Law” (the Civil Disobedience Act of 1968) and how H.Rap and political prisoners are punished under this law.

28:33: Chairman talks about a piece called “Sunny” by Bobby Hebb that he wanted the listeners to hear. 31:15 Chairman discusses issues with the Hampton House’s pipes and provides information on where people can donate to help them with the house.

34:15: A caller [unknown name; audio was inaudible} from Oakland, CA discussing the 10th anniversary of the murder of Oscar Grant on New Year’s in 2009 by BART police and the people’s rebellion from Jan. 7-13.

37:05: The caller discusses the appeal granted in Mumia Abu-Jamal and the fear that DA Larry Krasner may deny it; a hashtag has been made for a Twitter takeover #KrasnerDoRightByMumia

40:00: Discussion of the death of Oscar Grant and the deaths of 2 of the 5 witnesses who saw Grant being murdered.

43:29: Chairman discusses the murders of ‘Bunchy’ Carter and John Higgins at UCLA on January 17, 1969; gives the message to fight and serve people and history.

46:00: the Minister of Finance from the Hampton House discusses the state of the House and asks for donations

49:22-52:15: Call from a woman named Erica from Pittsburg. She spoke about the importance of the Hampton House and the Black Panther Cubs and how ‘real’ they were; her message was to save the Hampton House, and free Mumia and all political prisoners.

55:20: Chairman spoke about Mumia’s appeal and the Twitter storm about to happen

58:15: How the Democrats and Republicans are trying to appeal to Black folks and the connection between this and Mumia’s appeal; spoke of how the Black people’s allegiance is to their people and their liberation.

1:01:20: Break

1:04:20-1:07:20: repeat the opening, the news report about the death of Jazmine Barnes

1:10:20: call comes in from Dr. Randy Short from Washington D.C.

1:13:15: Short is the director of the D.C. chapter of Mass Resistance. Their mission is to be against “the sellout coons.” Short begins talking about his extreme views on the Equality Act

1:16:15: Short angry about Equality Act; angry that lawmakers come together for the LGBTQ+ community but not for the Black community.

1:19:05: Short tells Chairman he's going to form a coalition to call out “Black traitors” and tell these people that they don’t speak for them (the Black community)

1:22:25: Chairman asking for clarification on the Equality Act; Dr. Short makes claims it would push Black people’s issues back in the background

1:25:15: Chairman trying to give examples of situations like the Equality Act (for example, Affirmative Action)

1:28:05: Short speaks about how, under the Equality Act, gentrification will intensify because people can’t be denied housing

1:31:20: Short makes claims Equality Act shoots down the Religious Liberties Law of 1993

1:34:15: Short claims lawmakers don’t care about Black people, and so the people need to care for themselves

1:37:45: Short says that politicians will do things for certain minority groups but not for Black people

1:40:28: Short discusses how members of Black Congress only stood up to Nancy Pelosi when their own appointments were in danger, not for Black people

1:43:12: Short explains how people have been taking the law into their own (killing pedophiles in and out of jail) and how the Equality Act won’t protect people and their families from pedophiles 1:44:07: new caller from New York named Mr. X Orbit

1:48:12: discussion between Dr. Short and Mr. X about the Equality Act

1:51:05: Mr. X expresses his views of the Equality Act and how he tried to inform the people about it

1:54:17: continued talk about the Equality Act from Short

1:57:22: Chairman gives closing remarks and ends the show.

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