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Hip Hop Tried 2 Kill Me

Subject Source: Local sources
Scope Note: Hip-Hop Tried 2 Kill Me is a real life testimony of how the trappings of this industry can cause a man to lose his soul if he's not careful. This compelling and gripping must read is for anyone who claims to live their lives for Hip-Hop. Only the strong survive, and author Fleetwood lives to tell his story.

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Free 'Em All Radio with Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. and the Lady of Rage 2021-02-24, 2021-02-24

Abstract This episode focuses on the importance of political education and the understanding of revolutionary and People’s history in organizing efforts in the Black community. Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. and the Lady of Rage discuss the educational foundation of the Black Panther Party Cubs and the Prisoners of Conscience Committee (POCC), the Rainbow Coalition, and the fallacy of Black on Black Crime. The hosts speak to Brother Fleetwood, author of Hip Hop Tried 2 Kill Me, as well as the family...
Dates: 2021-02-24